Mercurial Recruiting

Camp Admin Info

Terms And Conditions

1. Relationship:

You understand that this is an agreement between you (“camp admin”) and Mercurial Recruiting. You agree that you are either the administrator for a College ID camp or a college coach registering your school’s ID Camp.

2. Camp Admin Benefits:

As a Camp Admin with Mercurial Recruiting, you are entitled to all of the benefits associated with the Camp Admin section of Mercurial Recruiting. This includes easy registration for both players and coaches, simple player check-ins using our Camp Admin App as well as any future developments made to the Camp Admin software.

3. Cost:

The cost to host your camp on Mercurial Recruiting is solely based on how many players attend your camp. We charge 10% per player to host and use our Camp Admin and Camps app.


Camp Cost - $125.00
10% of Camp Cost - $12.50
Mercurial Recruiting Receives - $12.50
You Receive - $112.50

4. Terms and Termination:

Mercurial Recruiting reserves the right to terminate or suspend your status as a registered Camp Admin at anytime in Mercurial Recruiting’s sole discretion. You may also terminate your account at any time for any reason.