Mercurial Recruiting

Camp Admin Info


First of all we would like to welcome you to Mercurial Recruiting. Our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible. This is a quick guide to our camp admin section to help you get started!

Step One - Registering

All we need from you is your email and a password to get started!

Step Two - Registering with Stripe

Since athletes will be able to register and pay for your camp on our website, we need some information from you. To securely collect credit card information we use Stripe. Stripe is a third party platform that easily allows for transactions from our website to you. Simply click the “Register with Stripe” button on the settings page. This will take you to a Stripe page where you can either create a free account or use an existing account. Once you register, you will automatically be redirected back to Mercurial Recruiting where you can get started registering your camp.

Step Three - Registering Your Camp

To make this as easy as possible, we put the camp registration on your home page. Simply fill out all the information for your camp and click the “Create Camp” button. Your camp will instantly be available for athletes and coaches to sign up and pay for the camp.

Step Four - Camp Day

On the day of your camp, use the Camp Admin app to check players in. Simply login, find your camp, find the player, and then check him in by typing his jersey number and pressing the check in button.

Cost - 10% per player

Mercurial Recruiting is a camp software that we license to you for 10% the cost of the camp. We take a 7.1% fee per player that registers for the camp and Stripe takes a 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee. This leads to a 10% fee per player. Using Mercurial Recruiting for your camp gives you a few advantages.

I.) Includes advertising on our website to all our athletes and coaches.

II.) Coaches use our “camp app” to view player profiles, rate players, and take notes during the camp.

III.) Using Mercurial Recruiting simplifies the check in process through our Camp Admin app. Find the player, fill in their number, and click check in.