Mercurial Recruiting

Coach Info


First of all we would like to welcome you to Mercurial Recruiting. Our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible. Here is a quick guide to registering with us as a coach!

Step One - Registering

We just need a little info from you! Click on the Login/Register button in the top left corner, and it will take you to our home page where you can register for free!

Step Two - Your School

Once you've registered, you will be taken to the school info page where you can fill out all your school's info!

Step Three - Registering For Camps

Whether you are the camp admin or just a coach attending a camp, you will need to register for the camp. Lucky for you we made this process pretty simple! Just go to the camps page and find the camp you are attending. You are now registered!

Step Four - Camp Day

It's Camp Day! Awesome! Now what do you do? Again we've made this as simple as possible for you. Before the camp you will need to download the "Camps" app. To find our app, you can go to the app or google play store and search Mercurial Recruiting. Once you do that, login, find your camp and you're ready to go. On the app you will be able to view all the players at the camp, rate them, and even take notes. After the camp you can go back online and find all your ratings and notes for all your players.